Monday, December 15, 2014


So I did that thing many of us do where they start a blog before a huge adventure and then once they find themselves back in a more common life routine...fall out of the habit of writing. Forgetting to look for inspiration. The past 2 years here in South Carolina have been amazing. I may not be journeying through Asia like I was in 2012 when this blog was active...but the adventure still lives on with Stephen and I.

A few things:

1. In May 2013, after deciding to get a puppy, we moved from our townhouse in Greenville to rent a 1941 farmhouse in Greer, closer to the BMW plant, where Stephen works.

2. Here, we delighted in walks to our local downtown haunts, consisting of beer and wings at Wild Ace's on Wednesday nights and live bands (need I say more?) at Rhythm and Brews on Friday nights. We practiced our green thumbs by growing a vegetable garden, cooked over bonfires and enjoyed the peaceful tranquility and privacy provided by living on an acre of land surrounded by mature trees.
3. **EDIT** We got chickens. How could I forget the chickens...?

4. We cruised the Caribbean 2 summers ago.
5. I got a job doing ABA Line Therapy with autistic kids.
6. We got married on a mountain and honeymooned in Europe for 3 weeks this past summer, followed by an amazingly fun reception with our family and friends in Michigan thereafter.
7. I got a second job, working as an Admin. with an engineering company.
8. Now--this Friday--we are closing on our first home. After long deliberation, these two wanderers decided it was time to put down some roots. We also decided to much as we love living in our farmhouse--it's too big for just the two of us. We are moving back to Greenville, where our house and our yard will be smaller, our neighbors will be closer--but we'll be just a little over a mile's walk from the lovely, energetic city. Closer to our friends and people our age, in general. I look forward to making our new house a home. {pictures to come...}
So when you go almost 2 years without updating your blog, a lot can happen...I have multiple unfinished drafts which I wrote within that time just waiting to be thought through and completed...just haven't focused my energy on writing in a while. I'll try not to wait 2 years before the next one. ;)